About Us

Developing more effective alternative treatments

Our History

Dr. Gwendolyn Kimbrough, a Developmental Psychologist, established 1Axium, LLC in 2015. The company operates within the Behavioral Health sector, specializing in Medicaid Waiver-related services, healthcare professional management, and research in the fields of Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, Suicide prevention, and Opioid prevention and treatment. We cater to both public and private clients.

At the heart of our business strategy lies a commitment to harnessing our deep expertise in direct service provision. We're on a mission to uncover cutting-edge technologies that streamline health data collection, management, and processing. In today's dynamic healthcare landscape, where regulatory rules are ever-evolving, adaptability and swift responses are paramount. Delayed reactions can lead to skyrocketing healthcare costs, and we refuse to let that happen.

Our approach is to seek out and pioneer management methodologies and techniques that transcend borders and have a global impact on behavioral healthcare efficiency. It's not just about what's effective here and now – it's about shaping the future of healthcare worldwide.

To achieve this visionary goal, we've harnessed the immense potential of data analytics and Artificial Intelligence. These powerful tools empower us to delve deeper into the nuances of healthcare, make well-informed decisions, and propel our growth and innovation efforts forward with unwavering confidence. Together, we're driving healthcare into a brighter, more efficient tomorrow.

Our Cultural Values

Mission Statement

1Axium strives to create an inclusive community that supports the human needs of all people despite personal challenges. Our services are also delivered with consistent adherence to the standards of fiscal and regulatory bodies.

Vision Statement

1Axium advances a person-centered approach to service, using evidence-based and culturally sensitive strategies. We believe that the person being served should have the dignity of risk and the right to failure without fear of abandonment.

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