Our Partners

Haynes, Inc.

The company is management, process implementation, and administrative services firm, supporting government and industry. As a prime contractor for the US Department of State’s Global Financial Services Center, Haynes provides staff support and project management for the State Department’s financial and administrative operations worldwide. Haynes also has experience supporting the US Agency for International Development, the US Marshals Service, the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Science Foundation, and The Nature Conservancy.

Haynes’ services include Accounting and Financial management system includes quality controls, training, and procedures development assistance. Haynes invests in improvement of staff skill sets with over 3,000 in-house training courses. Haynes has also assisted customers in obtaining ISO 9001 certification.

Since 1990, Haynes, Inc. has provided total solutions to navigate the complexities of business operations in the government landscape for our customers. Our objective is to solve problems using state-of-the-art technology, effective management strategies, cost controls, and Haynes’ government expertise.

Blueprint Technologies, LLC

Located in the nation’s capital, WASHINGTON D.C., blueprint technologies thrive as a full-service information technology and Cyber security firm. With over 10 years of experience, the experts at blueprint continue to offer high quality information technology products and services in a highly competitive market. Our goal is to provide personalized solutions to our partners, uphold a standard of quality, and deliver it all at an unmatched value. Blueprint strives to deliver the most effective use of technology when evaluating our partner’s needs. At blueprint technologies we pride ourselves on our core values of quality, experience, integrity, and efficiency. With a team of dedicated professional service providers, our partners can count on us to deliver customer-focused solutions for the best value.

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