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Data Analytics

Data analytics is the discipline of studying data in order to develop information that will facilitate drawing objective conclusions about the subject under investigation. 1Axium has built excellent expertise in Behavioral/Social Science Research to address today’s complexities of issues ranging from attitudes on climate change to social unrest due to claims of institutional Racism. We believe Data Analytics has the potential of providing insight into these perceived contemporary intractable problems that have the potential to destabilize the entire world.
Facebook, Twitter, and other data troves are revolutionizing social science research and have spawned the Behavioral/Social Scientist who explore massive and unruly data sets, extracting meaning from society’s digital imprint.

Automated literature searches

Clustering and Similarity: Retrieving documents under supervised and non-supervised control to find and build a corpus of documents based on user specifications.

Scene Analysis and image Recognition

AI is improving the ability to distinguish images in context and relationships between images. AI is improving every day and provides more powerful tools to solve equally critical social and environmental problems. 1Axium is engaged in strengthening our capability to address an even broader scope of human imperatives.

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